Are you in the business of generating lead? We will show you how to generate leads through your Google Ads campaign, without sending users to your landing page.

Traditional methods of generating leads include directing traffic to a landing page. Users will then fill out their contact information and visit other pages to learn more. This method can prove to be costly and not only outdated, but can also lead to high bounce rates. This can lead to problems for the advertiser such as slow-loading pages and a higher bounce rate, which could result in a lower conversion rate.

  • Google-leads – Extention

    Google recently announced that lead form extension has been released by Google, as per DMS insights.

    Advertisers can extend their lead form to capture leads from any search campaign. These features include CTA which aids users in the purchasing process and increases conversion rates. Lead forms are only used as extensions to a search campaign. All bidding and targeting options will be determined by the campaign to which your form is attached.

    What is the process of leads for extension?

    Leads from extensions look similar to the promotion extension. The icons are displayed in a call-out area with a icon. You can ask the leads for their full name, contact information, and email id. You can send this data via webbook to your CRM system and receive it in real time. You can also download leads that have been submitted within the last 30 calendar days.

    Be sure to consider these requirements before you start using the new features.

    Google leads form extension can only be accessed on mobile devices on desktops and tablets. It cannot be viewed on desktops.

    The extension can only be created at the campaign level, not at the account or ad group level.

    Lead forms will not work for certain industries, such as politics, healthcare and gambling.

    Google seo agency in Dubai has very strict data collection policies. Before you can collect data using the lead extension, your company must agree to it. The ad will prompt you to enter the URL of your company’s privacy policy.

    What are the advantages of lead form extension?

    Prefilled forms for better conversion – Google will prefill users’ data for logged users. This makes it easier for users to fill out the form.

    Google Search Ad Conversion Rate Improvement – Google reports that a beta tester has seen an improvement in conversion rates.

    Simple implementation – A lead form is easy to create. The extension can be created and put online immediately.

    Mobile-ready – Mobile devices are the most popular, with 80% of Google search queries being performed on mobile. This extension is available only on mobile and tablet, so it’s a win-win for both marketers and users.

    Native lead generation ads are a great way for businesses to generate leads in today’s mobile world. Advertisers should test new features to see if they are beneficial for their business.